Frequently Asked Questions 
(Please read before attending)

What should I wear?

​Close-fitting clothes are best. We recommend leggings that cover the backs of your knees and a top, leotard, or shirt you can tuck in.

Layers are always nice for warm-up and cool down periods. No shoes or socks are needed.

Absolutely NO zippers on clothing as it rips the equipment and can be dangerous. ​ NO jeans, chewing gum, jewelry or long fake nails.

What to bring to your first class?

Please bring water to stay hydrated. We do have water for sale & a water fountain accessible.

Is there a weight limit?

We do not have a weight limit.
However, aerial is a very physical activity & we do suggest contacting your doctor before starting a new workout, if you are concerned.

Do I need to be strong?

No! The best way to get strong enough to do aerial is aerial! We also offer an aerial fitness class to help get you stronger!

Do I need to be flexible?

No, we will help you increase your flexibility in every class. Flexibility makes all the positions visually more pleasing, however for most moves flexibility is not required. We also offer a flexibility class to help get you stronger!

Where should I start?  

We offer $25 trial classes for all beginners in all apparatus, so try one or try them all. Nervous about a group setting? Schedule a private one on one with our staff.

Can I come watch a class?

Take a look at our schedule and give us a call to schedule a class viewing.

Can I just show up to a class?

All classes, open gyms and workshops require advanced registration.
We can not guarantee enrollment upon arrival.

Will I be sore the next day?

Expect to be sore after class. Soreness should last 2-3 days, and typically occurs in the fingers, forearms, back, and abs. Even if new students are in good shape, as with any new movement practice, they will probably still experience soreness. 

May I take pictures and video?

We set aside the last 10 minutes of class to take photo/video and cool down. Please only take photo/video during this time.